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Fish Oil for Pets & Animals

Iceland Pure in Vista, California, harnesses the power of fish oil to strengthen the health of your pet and lengthen their lives. Utilizing the purest ingredients, the essential health benefits of fish oils for pets and animals are not diluted with by-products, artificial ingredients, preservatives or other additives commonly found in other supplements.

Iceland Pure fish oil supplements are carefully harvested, made and stored to lock in the natural benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. These supplements are made from human-grade fish oils found in salmon, sardines, anchovy, shark and cod harvested in Icelandic waters and specially formulated for animals. Iceland harbors the purest waters on the planet, and these fish oils contain nutrients that fight cancer, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to all parts of the body. This helps strengthen joints, muscles and organs, including the vital processes of the heart and brain.

Iceland Pure fish oils are stored in brushed aluminum bottles to prevent entry of carcinogens found in plastics and use only natural, helpful extracts to lock in nutrients. Find the purest supplements for your pet on Iceland Pure to extend a happy, healthy life. Contact us today to get a bottle or for us to answer any questions you may have.

Recently it’s been determined that Omega-3  – contains 2 remarkable nutrients: EPA and DHA. These nutrients both thin the blood and reduce inflammation in the joints and blood vessels thereby reducing the strain on our hearts, enhancing easy blood flow to the brain, and relieving aches and pains. Heart, brain and joints simply work better and more efficiently – and who wouldn’t want that? As an added benefit, Omega-3 also increases HDL levels, the “good” cholesterol, acting to unclog arteries.

Iceland has virtually no pollution from industry ( most

 people live, one way or the another, from fishing ) and all energy is either geothermal or hydro-electric. Drinking water comes from pure glaciers; fish, the staple food, is caught n UNPOLLUTED seas and rivers; even the lamb and cattle graze in fields untouched by fertilizers. Speaking Europe's oldest language, little changed since the days of the Vikings, accustomed to the endless light of summer and Stygian gloom of the long winters.